Farmland Management

For busy but enthusiastic, passive and absentee farmers i.e. they keep their jobs or business but own a farm. We will manage such farms for them and also buy off the harvest/product. While they make money.

Farmland Hire or For Sale

We sell farmland to would be farmers and if we don’t have it within desired location or size, we source it for clients at the best price. We also lease farmland, from our vast expanse to clients who are not willing to do outright purchase

  • Our Plantain Plantation
    We have hundreds of Acres of farmland we want for the cultivation of plantain.
  • Pepper Plantation
    You Can Achieve Your Dreams With Us
  • Yam Plantation
    Become A Millionaire Today From Yam Plantation
  • Maize Plantation
    100% Secure for Buying or Lease
  • Banana Plantation
    Product, Export and Make Millions Today
  • Onions Plantation
    Adetos Enterprises
  • Cocoa Plantation
    Adetos Enterprises
  • Tomatoes Plantation
    Adetos Enterprises
  • Adetos Enterprises
  • Rice Plantation
    Adetos Enterprises
  • Pinapple Plantation
    Adetos Enterprises
  • Cassava Plantation
    Adetos Enterprises
  • Palm Oil Tree Plantation
    Adetos Enterprises
  • Pineapple Plantation
    Adetos Enterprises
  • Young Palm Tree Farm
    Adetos Enterprises
  • PawPaw Plantation
    Adetos Enterprises
  • Cocoa Hybrid
    Cocoa Hybrid Available
    Per Seedling Cost: N250.00K

Seeds And Seedling Sales

We cultivate and grow seedlings for farmer who are willing to buy. We also sell out hybrid seeds to willing farmers. Our seeds and seedlings are disease resistant with high yield.


We provide professional and well researched advice from our team of experienced, professional experts with regards to the business of farming both with crops and animals. In addition to how to take advantage of the value chain.

Empowerments And Seminars

We train and empower people with special preference for youth creating an army of skilful and empowered young farmers.